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Our “Consignor Connection” Referral program rewards you for referring other qualified consignors.
The more people you tell – the more Shopping Bucks you can earn  – which allows you purchase anything at our sale.


Participation is Easy!!!  Complete the following Referral Number Request Form to register:

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  • Sweet Swaps – Will send you a referral number and a link to download our flyer.
  • You – Print the flyer, enter your referral number in the space provided, and make copies.
  • You – Spread the word! Pass out the flyers to family, friends, other moms, co-workers, at your child’s school, day care center, sports team, dance/gymnastics class, at supermarkets, malls, play places, doctors offices, shopping centers, etc.
  • Consignors – Register with 25 or more items for sale and enters your referral number on their consignor agreement.
  • You – Pick up your Sweet Swaps Shopping Bucks on the first day of the sale. (please have state issued photo ID available).

The more people that sign up as a qualified consignor, the more Shopping Bucks you earn!

Number of Qualified ConsignorsShopping Bucks Awarded
1 - 5 Qualified Consignors$10.00 in Shopping Bucks
6-10 Qualified Consignors$20.00 in Shopping Bucks
11-15 Qualified Consignors$30.00 in Shopping Bucks
16-20 Qualified Consignors$40.00 in Shopping Bucks
21-25 Qualified Consignors$50.00 in Shopping Bucks
So SHARE the news and SPREAD the word about our Sweet Swaps Kids Consignment Sale event and SHOP on us with Sweet Swaps Shopping Bucks!!!