Are you looking for a new way to raise funds for your organization?  Our Sweet Swaps Kids ”Fantastic Fundraising” program can help!

At Sweet Swaps Kids, we are focused on the community and have some simple ways to help you raise funds for your organization.  You can choose one – or  – more of the exciting options we have available.  Our program can help you accomplish your fundraising goals now and for years to come, and participation couldn’t be easier!  No selling, no money collecting, no stress!

Fundraising with Sweet Swaps Kids can be a lot of fun!  Our fundraising program is different from many traditional fundraising options and can be very profitable for your organization.  Our program is also budget friendly for your members, and is a great way to encourage your members to recycle and get involved in the “Going Green Initiatives” necessary to sustain our Planet.

Any established organization that serves the community can participate.  Examples of organizations that this program is designed to support include schools, child care centers, faith based organizations, youth groups, boy scouts/girl scouts, dance/cheer/gymnastics, sports teams, senior centers and other kid service related and/or charitable organizations.  Please visit the page that best describes your type of organization to learn more about the opportunities available to you.

Schools:  Public or private elementary schools, middle schools, high schools and colleges.
Child Care Centers:  Pre-schools, daycare centers, group child care facilities, etc.
Faith Based Organizations:  Churches, youth groups, missions groups, etc.
Other Kid Related Businesses:  Sports teams, boy scouts, girl scouts, dance/cheer/gymnastics, etc.
Other Non profit, Community or Charitable Organizations:  Senior centers, medical research, outreach organizations, etc.

In addition to our fundraising options, we also have a great opportunity for non-profit organizations that directly support children and families in need. Sweet Swaps Kids will be have several items marked for donation by our generous consignors.  We will then be able to pass along those items to low income families, women and /or children’s shelters, foster homes, crisis centers and many similar organizations.

To request to be place on our Gracious Giving Charity partner list or to recommend a specific family that may have fallen on hard times and is in need of a helping hand, please email us at  Please enter “Gracious Giving Charity Partner Request” in the subject line.  Please also visit our Gracious Giving Charity Partner page for more details about this program.