Tagging your items is easy and can be a lot of fun!  You can set a time to get together with friends and family, tag while the kids are napping or even get your children involved and let them help.  Once you being the process of tagging your items, you will realize that it will go really quickly and you will be tagging like a pro in no time!

We have designed a Tagging Instructional Video to explain how to enter and tag your items.   The slides to the video have been included below for easy viewing.  We have also included important documents and reminders to help make tagging your items as easy as possible.

Important Documents and Reminders:

Crib Safety Compliance Agreement  – Please complete the Crib Safety Agreement when consigning a crib to ensure you are within proper crib safety resale guidelines.

Large Item Consignor Tag – should be used when tagging items that are too large to carry around.  Shoppers will use this when they need to return to pick the item up and completing this helps keep your item properly inventoried, and provides for a better shopping experience. 

Consignor home page – is where you can log in with your consignor number and pass code to begin entering items or to return to pick up where you left off.

The following video can also be found on our YouTube Page.