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Our Sweet Swaps Kids Consignment Sale events are held twice per year. We carry a variety of children’s items including: clothes, toys, books, games, baby equipment, children’s and nursery furniture, as well as teen boy, juniors and maternity wear. This event provides families an opportunity to shop for their kids at a fraction of retail prices.
Sweet Swaps Kids has developed a”Fantastic Fundraising” program that can benefit your organization. You can choose one or more of the exciting ways we have developed for you to raise funds for your family friendly business.
Any kid friendly organization that serves the community can participate. Examples of organizations that this program is designed to support include, boy scouts/girl scouts, dance/cheer/gymnastics teams, sports teams, music or chorus groups, ROTC groups and and other community kid service related businesses.

Option 1 – Shopper Referrals

Participation is simple!  Just let potential shoppers know about our great opportunity to save money by shopping for Sweet Deals at our Sweet Swaps Kids Consignment Sale Event.

  • Your organization will earn 5% of each shopper’s total.
  • We will provide you a personalized flyer for you to print, copy and distribute to the members and families affiliated with your organization.
  • Shoppers will simply attach their sales receipt to your organization ‘s flyer and drop it in the fundraising collection box at our sale.

Option 2- Fundraising / Partner Consignor

When parents consign with us, they can elect your organization as their Fundraising Partner.

  • Your organization will earn 15% of the total sales for each registered Fundraising Partner consignor.
  • We will provide you a personalized flyer for you to print, copy and distribute to the members and families affiliated with your organization.
  • Registered consignors simply elects your organization as their fundraising partner on their consignor agreement.
  • If a registered consignor also works at least 1 volunteer shift, your organization will earn 25% of the their total sales.

Option 3 – Fundraising / Tagging Service Consignor

Your organization can register as a Fundraising Tagging Service Consignor and have your members, and their family and friends donate items to you.

  • Your organization will receive 50% of your total sales, less the consignor and tagging fees.
  • Our Terrific Tagging Team will pick up your items, prepare, price, enter, hang and tag each item, store, deliver and set up your items at our sale.
  • Your organization simply coordinates collection efforts for at least 200 or more items to enter into the sale.
  • You receive an email once we enter your items into our online software so you may view your items online, and track you sales progress throughout the sale.

Option 4 – Fundraising / Organization Consignor

Your organization can register as a Fundraising Organization Consignor and have your members, and their family and friends donate items to you.

  • Your organization will receive 65% of your total sales, less the consignor fee.
  • Your organization collects, prepares, prices, enters, hangs, tags and delivers 200 or more items to the sale during a scheduled drop off appointment.
  • If your organization elects 1 staff member to work at least 1 volunteer shift you will earn 70% of your total sales.
  • If your organization enters more than 500 items, you will earn 75% of your total sales.

Additional Benefits

  • Each consignor and your organization will receive an early shopping presale pass good for one person and a guest.
  • You can request a Sweet Swaps Kids staff member to host a Swap Seminar at your location to explain the consigning process in detail.
  • Your organization will receive your proceeds check within 2 to 10 days following the sale.
If you are interested in our Fantastic Fundraising program, please complete the form below.  We will respond with a fundraising packet including your personalized flyers.



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