No time to tag but still want to consign – no worries! Our Terrific Tagging Team will enter your items into our inventory system, print and attach each tag, hang, store and deliver your items to our Sweet Swaps Kids Consignment Sale Event.  All you do is clean out your closets, bedrooms, nurseries and play rooms and choose to schedule to pick up, ship or drop off your items.  Slots are limited – so act fast!   You can consign your baby gear, children’s items or any other items that fall under any of our departments including our Totally Teen (young men and juniors), Woman’s Wear and Mama Maternity.

Tagging Service –  Guidelines and Details
  • You must first register as a consignor.
  • Our Terrific Tagging Service is available beginning 3 months prior to the upcoming sales event and will close 2 weeks prior to the sales event. 
  • You are required to enter a minimum of 25 items with a resale value of at least $150.00 to request this option. 
  • You will earn 50% of your total sales (minus the $10.00 consignor fee).
  • We will price your items according to our suggested pricing guide, however, you may print and complete our Terrific Tagging Service Inventory Form and set your own price for one or all of your items.
  • The fee for our Terrific Tagging service is $5.00 for the first 50 items (or less) and $5.00 for each additional 50 items and helps to cover storage, transportation costs, as well the cost of supplies (hangers, printing, card stock, safety pins, zip ties, zip lock bags, packing tape, etc.).  Please contact us in advance if you have more than 200 items so we can make arrangements to accommodate you.
  • Terrific Tagging Service consignors are also eligible for our consignor pre-sale where you will have the advantage of shopping before the public.
Tagging Service – Item Preparation
  • Please visit our Safety & Sound Recall Checker and our What We Do/ Do Not Accept pages to ensure you are submitting acceptable items.
  • All item submitted must be acceptable and meet our quality guidelines.
  • All clothing items must be current and in excellent, clean, and odor free condition with no signs of excessive wear such as balled fabric, thinned or torn knees and no damage, such as rips, holes, missing buttons, dysfunctional zippers, and stains.
  • Unacceptable items (damaged, stained, etc.) will not be entered into the sale and may be donated to a charity of our choice.
  • Toys must be complete and have batteries.  A cost of $1.00 per battery will be subtracted from your total earnings for replacement batteries.
  • Toys and items with multiple or small pieces should be placed in a zip lock bags.
  • Shoes should be like new and be cleaned/sanitized/odor free and bagged separately from clothing.
  • All items should be freshly laundered and neatly folded. Grouped items and outfits should be folded or pinned together.
  • Items that are picked up or dropped off may be submitted in bags, however, we prefer baskets, bins or boxes.
  • Your basket/bin should be clearly labeled with your consignor number.

Note:  Large items (i.e., cribs, rockers, etc.) can be brought directly to the sale, however our Terrific Tagging Team is unable to accept large item tagging requests at this time.

Tagging Service – Getting Your Items to us

For your convenience we have several options for consignors that use our Terrific Tagging service to get items to us. 

  1. You can mail in your items using our Buy-Bye Bag service.
  2. You can request a pick up from your home using our Presto Pickup service.
  3. You can request a neutral pick up date/time from a central/public are in Columbia, SC.
  4. You can drop off your items during one of our scheduled Neutral Pick up times.
Neutral Pick Up Schedule

Sweet Swaps will schedule several convenient designated drop-off times in neutral community locations so you can bring us the items you wish to have tagged.  We will also offer some free pickup’s from neutral – local designated areas throughout Columbia, SC by request, however, this will not include home pickup.  During this time, we will collect your items, Tagging Service Agreement and Consignor Agreement.

Please see below for our current pick up schedule and locations.  *** Stay tuned, our Neutral Pick Up schedule is coming soon! ***

Important note:  To suggest a neutral pickup location, or a date and/or time not found on this schedule, please email us at Please enter “Tagging Service Neutral Pickup Request” in your subject line and the date/time/place of you are suggesting.  We will do our best to accommodate you!
After you have registered as a consignor, please complete the form below to request our Terrific Tagging Service. 


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Tagging Service – Unsold Items

All consignors are able to pickup unsold items at the end of the sale during our designated consignor pickup time.  If you provided us with a box or bin labeled with your consignor number, it will be available for pick up at this time.  If not, we do recommend you bring your own basket, bag, box or bin to collect any unsold items.  We will make every effort to help you sell as many of your items as possible, however all of your items may not sell, so we have created  several options for you to choose from to ensure your unsold items are handled properly. Please visit our Unsold Items page for full details.