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Our Sweet Swaps Kids Consignment Sale is focused on creating a win-win for everyone involved.  We will make every effort to help you sell as many of your items as possible, however all of your items may not sell, so we have created  several options for you to choose from to ensure your unsold items are handled properly.

All consignors are able to pickup unsold items at the end of the sale during our designated consignor pickup time.  If you provided us with a box or bin labeled with your consignor number, it will be available for pick up at this time.  If not, we do recommend you bring your own basket, bag, box or bin to collect any unsold items.

Option 1:  You have the option to pick up your  items during our designated consignor pick up time after the sale.  All consignors have the option to pick up unsold items during this time.  Items not picked up during this time will not be returned and will become property of Sweet Swaps Consignments, LLC.

Option 2:  You have the option to donate your unsold items to our chosen Gracious Giving Charity Partners.  By choosing to donate your items, you are helping children and families in need which is a major focus of our Sweet Swaps Kids Consignment Sale events.   When we pass on these items to those in need, it reduces the chance of the items going unused or being discarded and ending up in landfills!  Tax deduction receipts will be available upon request after the end of the sale.  ****Please consider donating your unsold items! ****

Option 3:  Available ONLY to our Terrific Tagging Service consignors.  If you are consigning using our Terrific Tagging service with Designated Drop-off, Presto Pick-up or with our Bye Buy Bag Mail in service – you have an additional option for your unsold items.  You can choose to have your items returned to you, (either shipped or delivered) for an additional $10.00 fee which will be deducted from your final earnings. 

Your option MUST be specified on your Consignor Agreement.  If you do not specify your option on your Agreement,  we will default your selection to Option 1 –  which indicates you will collect your items during our standard consignor pick up.  Please remember – items will not be returned to you if they are not picked up during our scheduled consignor pick up time and will become property of Sweet Swaps Consignments, LLC.